The Mokwiri Aboriginal Corporation administers land on behalf of members of six language affiliated groups described as the Yupungathi, Tjungundji, Taepadhighi, Mbakwithi, Thankakwithi and Anathangay. Their native title rights and interests were recognised in the Northern Cape York #2 Native Title Claim Group determination of 20 June 2014.

The court recognised that the applicants held exclusive native title rights over an area described in the case as Schedule 1, Part 1 and that the applicants held non-exclusive native title rights over an area described in the case as Schedule 1, Part 2. The determination area includes land and waters in the north west of the Cape York Peninsula, lying to the north between the Ducie and Wenlock Rivers and Cox Creek and Mission River and Myall Creek in the south.

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Public documents can be accessed through the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) website.

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Ms Alison Arthur Sailor
Ms Andrea Fay Toby
Mrs Celia Paulina Fletcher
Mr Charles Kenneth Budby
Mr Gabriel Albert Mairu (Chairperson)
Miss Josephine Samson-Narara
Ms Kami Samson-Narara
Ms Linda Faye McLachlan
Miss Rhonda Gail Parry
Ms Christina Ah Mat
Mr Simon Kennedy
Ms Cynthia Jingle

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5 Chillie Nhee Court
PO Box 1339
Weipa QLD 4874

Telephone: 0439 343 971



We’ve been kicking the dust throughout Cape York for more than 20 years. Here’s a snapshot of some of our successes around the Cape York Region and Traditional Owner PBC's throughout Cape York.

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On a regular basis we produce informative publications which act to communicate to our constituents and the public the aims, objective and activities with regards to land dealing as well as other Indigenous related issues.

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Cape York Land Council is a part of an integral network of Indigenous service organisations that have been working to improve the lives and social conditions of the people of Cape York through positive empowerment.